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What is it?

UESA+ is a new initiative that offers engineering students the chance to attend various engineering related events and acquire points. The initiative is aimed at helping students get closer to the industry and personally grow into better all-round engineers. UESA+ offers a unique opportunity for students to broaden their horizons, learn new skills, and build a network within the engineering community. Students who complete the UESA+ requirements will have their engagement listed onto their University Transcript and also receive a Degreeplus Certificate. 

How can one apply for UESA+ recognition?

After a student attends a numbers of events and acquires 15 points or more, they may apply for UESA+ recognition by filling in the form below. Points will be awarded accordingly:


  • Industrial Visits - 3 points 

  • Conferences - 4 points 

  • Workshops - 4 points 

  • International Trip - 15 points* - The international trip alone will achieve you a subset of UESA+ recognition therefore you will have your trip participation listed onto their University Transcript and also receive a Degreeplus Certificate. You can also achieve the full UESA+ recognition by achiechiving another 15 points by attending the other events listed above.

After applying through the form below, you will receive an email from the Deegreeplus office with instructions on how to complete your applications.


UESA+ Recognition Form

Thanks for submitting!

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