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UESA's Feedback Form System

UESA is introducing the FEEDBACK FORM SYSTEM to engage with and hear students' feedback, suggestions and complaints about matters from all angles. We highly encourage students to fill in this form as this feedback will be of great aid to improve student life for present and future students.


Once all feedback has been collected, a report will be constructed and all the necessary action will be taken to work on the subjects at hand. When the final report has been submitted, this can be viewed on our website.

It is important to note that all details are confidential and no names or personal details will be passed on with the report. 

Feedback Form:

Thank you for submitting your feedback. 

Current Status: The feedback received till the 3rd of January will be compiled in a report to be approved by the Dean. Please fill in the request form below to get access to this report once it is published. Thank you all for your feedback.

Request a Feedback Report

Request here by completing the form below. Once we confirm that you are an engineering student, we will add you to our Google Drive folder where you may view the report.

Thanks for submitting!

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