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UESA Malta is the University Engineering Student Association which represents all students within the Faculty of Engineering.

We are committed to promoting the field of engineering and providing opportunities for professional and personal development to our members.

On our website, you can learn more about our team, the events we organise, the projects we have completed and much more. We also regularly post updates and insights, so be sure to check back often.



About UESA

UESA’s objectives are achieved by building a good relationship with the staff at the faculty so as to serve as a bridge between the students and the lecturers. UESA is also recognized by the Chamber of Engineers, by having its own active representative in the chamber’s executive.


In 2004, UESA was officially admitted in the EYE – European Young Engineers council, thus also representing the engineering student on an international level.

UESA, in recent years, has gained “an exponential momentum” as described by one our alumni. A re-branding has taken place, where the true new face of UESA is represented, that is; fresh, new and modern. These three words represent the true spirits of every member in the exec.

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